Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tomorrow Bio Pwnz .... [Tips]

Last Minute Tips for SPM 2010 Biology (Paper 2 and 3) from an anonymous Biology teacher from SM Sains XXXX

Paper 2

Cell structure and cell organisation (Human cell)
Cell division (Mitosis)
Chemical composition of the cell (Enzyme)
Endangered ecosystem (Endangered an ecosystem)
Transport (Human)
Coordination and response (Reflex action)
Reproduction and growth (Plant reproduction)
Chemical composition of the cell (Protein structure)
Movement of substances across the plasma membrane (Passive and active)
Dynamic Ecosystem (Adaptation of mangrove plants)

Paper 3

Coordination and response (Homeostasis in human – urine)
Transport (Transpiration)
Nutrition (Vitamin C)
Endangered ecosystem (BOD)

Credits to berryberryeasy