Friday, December 31, 2010

Some comment on M15x =P _ G00D>B@D [Upadted on 1/1/2011]

Lets start !

Design - nice with alien head on the cover..... its design , no other brand can beat it.. LOL
Size - although its 15.6" inch screen... but the laptop is H U G E... it cant be fit in 15 inch laptop bags... cos i cant put m15x into my old laptop bag ... lol
Weight - quite heavy .. 4.08kg technically..
Screen - its glossy , its not thats good when it comes to outdoor  ... 'it is a mirror' ,
but still the color and image is nice when shown on the screen :D
Keyboard - all is in good condition except "backspace" key ... kinda weird though , when i spam the backspace key, the weird sound will come out L O L, maybe its the feature of it  HAHAHA
Lightings - Supreme. Excellent. Extreme. Exclusive.
backlit on both speakers, keyboard, the QuickTouch System Control Pad , power button, corner on touchpad
Speaker - no comment... not really focus on sound quality though.
System - the fan is a bit noisy when u doing gaming XD but usually is not so noisy ....
i get used to it already :P
Temperature - Awesome! this system never reach more than 60 celsius and its abt 35+ celsius when its idle. btw i'm using a laptop cooler - CM NotePal Infinite.
Baterry Life - 1 hour and 15 mins.. on 6 cell baterry.

Conclusion : 9.5/10 =P I like my M15x :P ♥