Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Things You Did Not Know About DotA

Bradwarden and Pit lord had a child named Brad pit.

Don't blame strength hero players if they play stupidly, their intelligence gain is low.

Why does Heat Seeking Missiles target Leoric? Lich?

Eat bigger trees, they heal more.

Pickheroes that come with their own mounts - like Abaddon, or Ezalor. Theseheroes move faster - and can jump over fallen trees and rocks.

Why only get 1 boot? If 1 is good, 2 is better? Nerubian Assassin has 6 legs - he needs 6 boots.

Nortrom doesn't get affected by silence - remember - he always has the Last Word.

Ifyou use Juggernaut's Blade Fury, then for the next few hits, he has 50%chance of missing his attack because he's still dizzy from all thespinning.

If you are windwalking and get an invisibility rune. You disappear from Existence.

Roshan was a nerd, that's why until now everyone is still bullying him.

If you're Scourge all you have to do to win is to buy tangoes and eat the Tree of Life.

Meepo's clones get into fights about which one is the best.

Invoker was removed because the other hero's voted him out (jealousy).

If Lich puts frost armor on any one it reflects the Heat seeking missile.

Use BKB when about to suicide with techies you will not be killed.

Troll has poor eyesight. His left hand always misses when he throws his projectile.

Always choose Pandaren. When you're losing, eat a small tree and you'll auto dc. After all, a Panda eats shoots, and leaves.

FV doesn't care about fighting dirty. After all, he's faceless.

Mogul Kahn is never seen in competitive play. He was axed.

Ifyour hero is repeatedly exposed to fire and cold spells for a certainperiod of time, it will get a status effect called “FLU”.

If thegame is not finished within 4 hours, two invulnerable GIANT ICEFROGswill spawn at the middle of the map. One Icefrog will aim for thethrone while the other will target the tree. Their movements aresynchronized making sure that both the tree and the throne will bedestroyed at the same time. When this happens, it’s GG. Icefrog wins.

Ifyou equip six, level 3 Necronomicons and activate them allsimultaneously, you’ll summon Warlock permanently as your second hero.If done correctly, all Necro Books will disappear.

The ultimate spell against women, Silencer's Global Silence.

The chicken can be eaten to regen your hp.

Pudge's hook curves if u buy him loads of Int items. (His skill increases. Bend it like Beckham.)

Pudge is actually a woman cause 'he' is deadly as a hooker.

Dotais illogical. Each hero(mostly) has like 2 hands and everyone can hold6 divine rapier or three broadswords. The only hero can do thislogically is Pudge, since he has extra hands. Puck has none, so doesJakiro. No, not broodmother cause although she has eight legs, sheattacks with her mouth.

Pudge should not be able to use tangos, he's a carnivore.

Nevermore has a cousin named Nevermind and a son named Nevertheless.

Alchemist,Tinker,and Techies gets free stuffs from the secret goblin shops because they are all related to the owner.

Ring Of Health should provide you with the Permanent Invisibility skill. (Refer to LOTR)

Ifyou play troll, when he attacks you'll see him throwing the hammer withhis right hand followed by his left hand pointing the middle finger toyou as to say "****" and then repeats.

Magina has a sister called Vagina.

Doombringer can run faster because it's painful to walk slowly on his own fire.

Easy way to win the game: Pick tiny, get bkb at level 16 and approach Roshan with avatar. Tell him that you're his son.

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